2 de março de 2013

little secret

You could have told me
hate was what you had for me,
as you handed me that little basket of yours
full of fruits
an old fashioned seduction
and exagerated stories on how well your life goes
with her
without her

(Have you become rich? Have you become poor?)

the details are gone
with those heavy apples that took
the worst of winds
to be thrown out of your little basket

If I had known
Hate was what you offered
I would not have opened my schedule
Nor my brand new
cousine little secrets
Nor the small revenges I want to take on people
Nor my minor health problems
Nor my bet on my new little love

I see now -
You wanted me, but spread and fearless as an old friend
You wanted to see my beauty from a close distance
You wanted my trust
So you could show me your anger
And only then
Your hate would make sense

Because before then, boy
It would be just more hate over hate
Indistinct hate doesn't do,

You needed love
To make it shine
Just like that witch from the fairy stories
Could have never poisoned that girl
If it were not for her kindness

Good move,
I will give you that one
But let me tell you this little secret
Your disguised hate has taught me:
I have not swallowed a bite

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